Full Review: Lorac California Dreaming Eyeshadow Palette

Hello my beauties, today I wanted to talk about a relatively new product out as one of Lorac’s spring releases: the California Dreaming Eyeshadow Palette. This is something that I picked up from Ulta and have been playing around with for about two weeks now. I feel like I’ve used it enough to make a full review on the product, so here we go.

I’ll be talking about a few different categories within this review, each will be sectioned off, so if you’re looking for specific information, scroll through until you find what you are looking for. I will be addressing the price point, packaging, color selection, formulation, and the final thoughts.

Price Point:

This palette was $30 at Ulta (I do believe that this is an Ulta exclusive) and is available in stores and online right now, but will be limited as it is a spring launch for Lorac. For the price, you get 12 shadows and a total of 9.72 grams of product. That comes out to about $3.09 per gram of product which may seem like a lot, but you have to remember that you’re also paying for multiple formulations and colors here, not just six or eight shadows. Overall, it isn’t too expensive and I think it’s a good price point for the product.


I’m not going to be nice here, I’ll be blunt. The packaging sucks. Sure, the colors and emoji type sticker look is cute and all, but the actual palette doesn’t have the name anywhere on the actual packaging, only on the box it comes in. It is also a cardboard, magnetized box packaging just like every Lorac palette on the market. It’s not great, but I can’t help but rationalize that this lack of great packaging does help to keep the price of the palette down, but still I would like to see a metal tin for the palette. Due to the terrible and fragile packaging, this palette limits itself by making it unsuitable (at least for me) to travel with due to possible breakage.

Color Selection:

One thing that does make this palette outstanding is the color selection. Y0u have your light matte base (cozy), a shimmery white shade for the brow bone or inner corner highlight (sand castle), and an assortment of crease and lid colors. This palette finds the perfect balance between warm and cool tones as well as mattes and shimmers. There are, in my consideration, four warm shadows, five cool shadows, and three shadows that fall somewhere in the middle (seaside comes to mind here). There are also eight shimmer shades (two of which I consider to be foil shadows: kitty cat and seaside) with the remaining four being mattes. The color selection in this palette gives you so many options to create so many different looks. Some of the standout shades are cable knit (a dark, matte plummy grey tone), kitty cat (a foiled lilac purple shadow), and boots (a deep navy shimmer shadow). These colors are work so well together and are very nice for all seasons. I was happy to see such a broad color selection and I feel that the only thing that is missing is a matte black shadow for the outer v, but this palette can be used solo to create a full look even without the black.


The formulation of the shadows in the palette isn’t bad, but is inconsistent. The shimmer shades are all really good and pigmented, blend out almost too well, and wear for twelve hours (with a primer underneath) without a problem. The matte shades are creamy, with only one dusty shade (overcast, the light purple lavender shade), which I appreciate. The mattes all lasted around twelve hours with a primer underneath. The foil shadows are lacking a little, though. Both kitty cat and seaside required some playing   around and work to get them to apply like they apper in the pan and swatch, which is a little disappointing since these are two of the standout shades in the palette. Either way, I found that with a little extra eyeshadow primer and some setting spray on the brush, these did apply very well and lasted for eight hours before starting to fade. Even with these two somewhat disappointing shades that require a little more work than the others, the formulation is really good. It is creamy and buttery, blends out nicely, and wears for long periods of time before fading.

Final Thoughts:

Bottom line is, this is a great palette. Of course it has its quirks and areas that it tends to fall a little bit short, but it is such a great product overall. If you are looking for a pretty palette that is versatile for a good price point and with a good variety of shades, I would highly recommend the Lorac California Dreaming palette, as it is satisfyingly all of these things. I would especially recommend this to a beginner or someone just building a collection as it does have a large spectrum of colors so that they can try out different tones (cool, warm, and in between) and formulas (matte, foil, and shimmer), and the shadows are easily blendable in case of mistakes. If I had to rate this palette I would give it an 8/10, only taking points off for packaging and foil formulas being difficult to work with.

That’s all for today, let me know in the comments what products you want to see reviews for next or if you want to see anything specific on this page. The views and visitor levels have gone up so much lately and I just want to thank everyone of you who takes the time to read my posts and supports me in this wonderful and beautiful journey, I love all of you so so much!





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