Top 5/Bottom 5 Products (All Time)

I wanted my first post to allow readers to get a sense for the type of beauty blogger that I am. I wanted people to see products that I feel define my style and “copyright” marks of beauty as I see it. I do not believe there is a wrong way to style beauty, everyone has different ideas and preferences, that is a big part of why I love beauty as a whole; it allows you to be creative. Now, I’m not the most creative or artistic person out there, but make-up and beauty products have always been something that I love and that I am actually not half bad at using creatively. So, I decided to showcase the products that I absolutely adore (top 5 of all time) and the products that I would never buy again(bottom 5 of all time), of course, including full explainations of why.

So, a little about me before we begin. I am 17 and a full time high school student with a part time job, that means that I don’t have all the time in the world to devote to this or to a YouTube channel right now, but I will still post frequently. I also ride horses and am a runner. I will be going to college this fall and I am so excited!

Alllllright, without further ado, let’s get into it.

I’ll start with my bottom 5 (the junk-drawer worthy products), in reverse order:

#5: Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

Okay, so essentially, you get 12 shadows for $54 USD. A little pricey I would say. But anyways, the colors are really nice over all and I love the packaging, Urban Decay was one of the first to introduce the metal containers for palettes that is now used by Too Faced and many other brands as well. They are highly pigmented and look really nice swatched and even look decent on. The color selection is actually pretty decent for an Urban Decay palette; you have nice highlight shades all the way to a black, and every warm nude shade in between. So why is it in my bottom 5 of all time? Well, the colors are very powdery, which means that they have a lot of kick-up and fallout when applied. My palette became and absolute hot mess after using it only a few times, the formulation just isn’t ideal. I do like the palette’s tones, and I can live with the fallout and dustiness of most of the colors, honestly. It isn’t a bad palette, I just don’t reach for it over things that are similar in my collection, like the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette, which I feel is very representative of this palette as a whole. If you are looking for a palette that is very versatile and has warm, romantic, every day shades that can be transformed into darker ones for a night out, you will probably like this palette, I just can’t make myself fall in love with it, no matter how hard I try.

#4: Urban Decay Perversion Eyeliner Pen

Okay, I promise I’m not slamming Urban Decay right now, I swear it. But I had to mention this, because I just recently began to hate this product. Liquid eyeliner pens are usually my absolute favorite. They are portable, easy to use, and go on well. The Perversion one is $22 USD at Ulta and Sephora. This is a liquid eyeliner pen that is supposed to be VERY black. Spoiler alert: it isn’t. I got this as a gift, but had wanted it for a while, thinking it was going to be black as black as black as black like the pencil liner and the mascara are. So, I was extremely disappointed in this product when I tried it for the first time a few days ago, and my (gold shimmer) eyeshadow peeked right through the middle of the liner after three (yes, three) coats. Not only was it not black and opaque as I had hoped, it was a mess to put on, as the tip is not stabilized well and moved around a ton. Definitely a miss with me. Will not try it again and will not recommend. Maybe it is just because I have been spoiled by my Lorac Front of the Line Pro liquid eyeliner pen for almost 4 years now. Not sure, but I definitely do not reach for this product and will be giving it to my mom.

#3: Buxom Lash Waterproof Mascara

This product isn’t too popularly mentioned in the beauty blogging community that I have observed so far, and rightly so. It is not remarkable. I got it in the summer time at Ulta for $21 because I liked the brush on it for separation and I needed something waterproof as I was lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons all season long, but still wanted to not look like a zombie every day. It was really really great for a while. Until it started to rip out my eyelashes. I don’t mean a little shedding here and there. No, I mean ripping out large chunks to where they still have not grown back, six months later. I was determined to make this product work for me, so I used it until it was empty. The problem was, not only was it waterproof, it was also oil proof, makeup remover proof, and waterproof makeup remover proof. A complete disaster if you ask me. Will not be repurchasing, as there are other waterproof mascaras that are much easier to remove with makeup remover.

#2: Pur Minerals Disappearing Act Concealer

This concealer was $24 at Ulta when I purchased it. I had never bought a concealer prior to this one, and I liked at first that the coverage was pretty light to medium. Until I realized that it isn’t even buildable. Not in the least bit. It worked on small acne bits, but when it came down to it, it did absolutely nothing for larger blemishes, even with a foundation over it. It did not reduce redness, and no matter how many layers I applied, it didn’t help my under eye circles or blemishes of any kind. I ended up using it as an eyeshadow primer, which it was AMAZING at doing. My shadow didn’t crease at all, and I even prefer this to other eyeshadow primers (that are actually meant to do that job). That being said, I do love this product, but not as what it is meant to be, and for that reason, I cannot stand it. I will not repurchase, as it is a bit expensive for an eye primer in my opinion.

#1: Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes

This is it, the product I would not wish on my worst enemy… Makeup wipes??? Yes, these are the thing. Why though? Well, first of all, they are supposed to cleanse and remove makeup, dirt, and other garbage from your face. I used these completely up, and every time I tried them (all thirty times), they came off totally white. Clean. Not a speck on them. My makeup would stay completely fresh. Dirt would remain. These simply did not do their job and are way to expensive to not. I much prefer the Neutrogena Hydrating Makeup Remover Wipes to these, and they are much cheaper. Come on, if you design a product, at least make it half way do the job it is supposed to.


Okay, so now I’ve left you wondering if I actually like ANY makeup or beauty product in the world. The answer is yes. I try a lot of different products, and I do love most of them, honestly, I do. But there are some I just cannot stand (see above). However, now we get to go into the fun stuff, the stuff I absolutely LOVE and would repurchase till the ends of the Earth. In fact, I have repurchased many of these items and will indicate which as we go along.

#5: Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Back in the day (maybe still, I’m not sure) when the Naked eyeshadow palettes were all the craze, these came in sets with the palette. I was in, like, 7th grade when the palettes were a big deal, and you can bet that 13 year old me had all of them. Every single one. So naturally, I tried the primer that came with it, because I was the next Michelle Phan and she used it so obviously I needed to as well. I fell in love with this immediately. After I used up all of the mini one that came with the palettes, I spent the $20 at Ulta to repurchase this miracle product. And then I did it again. And again. And again. I’m not sure how many times I have purchased this product, but I have a lot in the last 5 years. Why do I love it so much? Well, for one, it does its job and my shadows have never creased a day since I began using this. Even super cheap shadows never creased or faded. Another thing to love, is that as the formula has evolved, it actually provides additional hydration to your eye lids, which I appreciate, because it helps to relieve itchiness I tend to get from using eye makeup remover on an almost daily basis. I also love that the shadow colors come out ten times more pigmented when I use this than when I don’t. I recently repurchased this for the hundredth (well, maybe not that many but you get my point) time and I am planning to use this indefinitely. This is one of the few products that I know how it is going to work every time and can rely on. (See, I told you I wasn’t just bashing Urban Decay in this post!)

#4: Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Liquid Foundation

Okay, so this is an expensive product, as far as foundations go. But I swear to you, it is worth the splurge! I paid $42 for this at Ulta and will be repurchasing. I love this because it comes in a wide variety of colors with different undertones and bases. I am usually very difficult to match foundation and concealer colors because I am so fair with a very peachy complexion, but deep undertones. I was able to find the absolute perfect match in this foundation. Not only that, but the foundation itself is brilliant. It does not irritate my sensitive skin, provides a full coverage, but is not cakey, and is very lightweight. I personally hate products that look like you are wearing them for the face. This foundation gives me everything I could want! It has great coverage; half the time I don’t even need a concealer with it, all the while it does not feel like it is weighing down your face, and is blendable to the point where it does not even look like you are wearing a foundation. It has a very matte finish, which is great for combination skin textures, like mine, that become oily in the T-zone over the course of a day, and this foundation just helps to repel that oiliness and remain matte for almost the full day. I am only on my first bottle of this, but am planning to repurchase as a summer product as well.

#3: Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette (Reformulated Winter 2016/17)

I received this as a gift for Christmas recently, and have used it every day since. Not because it smells like peach rings and all that, but because this is an awesome palette! You pay $42 for 18 shadows (with perfect color selection)! You get everything from pretty highlights to some deep purples, navy, and a black-ish color. There is a good blend of matte and shimmers in this palette as well. I love the versatility. You can create an every day look, a natural smokey eye, or something a little bit more exciting and colorful. You can even create a deep smokey eye with this palette, which I adore. This is perfect for travel, since it has basically any color you could want to create a variety of looks. The formula is also great, buttery and soft, smooth mattes, accompanied by shimmers that pack onto the lid nicely. The colors are VERY pigmented and fallout is barely an issue with these shadows. Too Faced outdid themselves with the formulation of this palette, and I am thoroughly impressed.

#2: Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipsticks

As far as liquid lipsticks go, these ones by Too Faced simply cannot be beat! For $21 you get a full size tube of color that will last you a very long time. There are a good variety of colors to choose from, and all of them are gorgeous and very wearable. I own 3 shades now (Berry, Cihuahua, and Metallic Hot Chocolate) and I love each one. The formulation is the thing I love the most about these liquid lipsticks. I, like most, love myself a matte lip color, but cannot stand the drying and cracking that comes with it. The Melted Matte formula gave me tons of problems, so I decided to try the plain old Melted ones, skeptical that they would be any better, or have a matte finish. I would definitely place these under the satin-leaning-matte category, and they are not at all drying. The formula dries and then stays in place. I do have a problem with feathering on the darker shades, but apply with a lip brush and use a primer and everything is a-ok! I wear these basically every day and have not been disappointed yet. Even after eating, drinking, and all day wear and tear, the color did not budge, and the high pigment does not fade at all. I have my eye on a few other colors, but have to declutter before I get any more lip colors.

#1: Lorac Front of the Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner Pen

“Why do you pay $23 for eyeliner?” Well, let me just tell you. I don’t know where to start. I began using this my freshman year of high school, when I started using eyeliner. I am now going on my fourth or fifth repurchase of the product. The tip is so soft and usable, it does not fray, and moves very easily and slides gently across the lid, making it easy to follow the natural shape of the eye but also to create perfect wings! The formula stays all day and in my experience is waterproof. I simply love this eyeliner pen. It is easy to use and lasts a long time; I use it almost daily and it usually lasts 8-10 months before I need a new one. Couldn’t ask for more in an eyeliner pen.

So, now you know what I like and what I don’t, and have seen into my beauty persona a little bit, so you can kind of understand what to expect from me. I hope to see you all real soon.





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